Release Notes

Let's evolve together! Stay up to date with the latest platform updates, improvements and features to make the most out of your platform experience.

February 2024

NEW - Enhanced security features with Social-Sign On

We are excited to announce a new addition to our suite of security features with our latest platform update. Microsoft Office users can now enjoy the convenience of logging into the SettleTech platform using social sign-on. This feature enhances the login process, providing a smoother and more user-friendly experience. With improved security and convenience, SSO strengthens our already robust security measures and eliminates the hassle of repeated logins, making your experience even more seamless.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 130714

October 2023

NEW - Export Completed Conditions as CSV

We are excited to introduce a new feature in our platform that enhances the convenience and flexibility of managing your conditions. With this latest release, users can now export the completed conditions report to a CSV file. This new capability simplifies the process of reviewing and signing off on your completed conditions. 


IMPROVEMENT - Add multiple of the same party type to a matter/application. 

We are excited to introduce a powerful enhancement to our platform that brings added flexibility and convenience to managing parties involved in your applications and matters. With this latest feature release, you now have the capability to add multiple of the same party type to a single application or matter.

Previously, you could add one instance of each party type (e.g., borrower, lender, broker, borrowers' lawyer, and lenders' lawyer) to an application or matter. With this feature release, you can add multiple instances of the same party type, providing you with increased control and customisation.

When adding a Lawyer to the parties involved, you can define who that Lawyer is representing in the application/matter. 

Once a Lawyer has been added to the Parties Involved tab, you can use the "..." to change whom they are representing. 

September 2023

IMPROVEMENT - Matter details - bulk download documents

We are thrilled to announce that now Borrowers and Borrowers Lawyers can download all documents uploaded to a section with one single click. This will reduce the time it takes to return signed/completed documents. 

 NEW  - Loan Settled Prompt

We are thrilled to announce that we have added a "Total Loan Amount" label to the header of each pipeline stage. The "Total Loan Amount" label is designed to give you an instant overview of the cumulative loan amounts associated with loans in each stage of your pipeline. 


NEW  - Loan Settled Prompt

We are thrilled to announce a new feature that prompts a user when progressing the loan to "Settled" to populate the loan term and settlement date. This notification will automatically notify the application/matter creator when this loan is 90 days away from its expiry date. 


August 2023

NEW- Plan updates affecting the Audit Trail feature

We are excited to inform you that starting from August 31st, there have been updates to our plans that impact the availability of the Audit Trail feature. Previously accessible to all plans, the Audit Trail is now exclusively offered to our Partner plan users. Customers on the Lawyer and Lender Starter plans will no longer have access to the Audit Trail but can still utilise other reporting features. To regain access to the Audit Trail, you have the option to upgrade to the Partner plan anytime. 

For more information on our plans, click here. 

To learn more about the Audit Trail feature, click here. 

We value your continued support and are committed to providing you with the best possible experience.


IMPROVEMENT - Document Upload Field Ordering Update

We are thrilled to announce a new enhancement to our document upload feature that will make managing your files even more efficient. In response to user feedback, we have implemented an update that will sort document uploads alphanumerically based on their filenames. 

July 2023

NEW - Condition - bulk download documents

We have introduced the ability to download all documents uploaded to a condition as a quick action in the side panel. Clicking the quick action will download all documents on this condition into a secure zip folder. This will reduce the time it takes to download and subsequently return documents.  


NEW - Matter details - bulk download documents

We have introduced the ability for Lenders, Lenders Lawyers and Brokers to download all documents uploaded to a section with one single click. This will reduce the time it takes to return signed/completed documents. 


IMPROVEMENT - Increased number of documents displayed on document uploads. 

We have enhanced our usability by increasing the number of documents displayed in document upload sections, reducing the need to scroll through the uploads. Previously limited to three documents, users can now view up to ten documents before needing to scroll.

IMPROVEMENT - Updated Two-factor authentication (2FA) wording.

We have enhanced the Two-factor authentication setup and login instructions for improved user comprehension.

June 2023

NEW - Link to our Help Centre

We have enhanced our user experience by introducing a prominently placed help icon in the primary navigation, empowering our users with effortless access to our comprehensive help centre. Now, navigating through our platform is accompanied by readily available assistance, ensuring users can seamlessly seek guidance and find answers to their queries with convenience and ease.


IMPROVEMENT - Filter conditions based on parties who have visibility.

We are excited to announce an update to our platform, which allows users to filter the conditions based on who has visibility to the condition.  


NEW - Change condition status when declining document.

We are excited to announce the ability to change the status of a condition whilst declining a document. This removes the manual step of having to send the condition back to incomplete after you have declined the document. 


May 2023

IMPROVEMENT - Share condition visibility with defined parties.

We are excited to announce a significant update to our platform, which now allows for individualised condition sharing. With this new feature, condition creators set their own unique visibility settings on each condition, rather than grouping them based on the borrowing or lending side of the application/matter. This means that condition creators can now have more control and clarity over who can see their conditions.   

DISCONTINUATION - Ability to users to teams

We would like to inform our users that we have discontinued the feature that allowed users to be grouped into teams as part of the account management. 

IMPROVEMENT - Simplified Invite and Publish Page 

We know that getting your application/matter published so you can start collaborating is your primary focus here. We have removed the unnecessary double-checking of the parties you have added, the application details and the condition overview from this page to make it as quick and easy to review, so you can publish the application/matter with ease. 


April 2023

DISCONTINUATION - Ability to add an existing document to a condition

We would like to inform our users that we have discontinued the feature that allowed users to add existing documents on an application/matter to another condition. 

March 2023

DISCONTINUATION - Visbisility Toggle on Matter Details

We would like to inform our users that we have discontinued the feature that allowed disabling the visibility of the Matter Details tab from the Borrower and Borrowers Lawyer.

From now on, the Matter Details tab will be available to all users who have access to the matter.

This change has been made to ensure transparency and facilitate better communication between all parties involved in the matter. All users with access to the matter can now view the Matter Details page, which includes important information related to the matter, such as loan amount, loan term, and settlement date.

NEW - Condition Templates

We are excited to introduce a new feature on our platform called "Condition Templates". With this feature, you can simplify the process of creating your conditions and minimize the need for data entry. Using Condition Templates ensures consistency in your conditions and saves your team significant time.

By creating a template, you can set up a predefined set of conditions that can be applied to your applications/matters. This allows you to quickly and easily create new conditions without having to manually enter the same data every time. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors and ensures consistency across all of your workflows.

Condition Templates are a powerful tool for improving the efficiency of your team's processes. We believe that this feature will help streamline your process and make your team's work more efficient. We hope you enjoy this new addition to our platform!

Create conditions using template 

January 2023

NEW - Bid farewell to SettleTechs BETA

It's official, as of 3rd February 2023 the beta phase of SettleTech has come to a close! We have now introduced pricing plans on the platform for all users.  When you publish an Application/Matter your card details will be securely captured and charged on settlement as per your pricing plans. However, as a gesture of our thanks as a BETA customer your first Settled Application/Matter is on us and you won't be charged.

If you have been invited into an Application/Matter by an external party you will still be able to access the system for free and continue using the platform.Bid farewell


NEW - Get notified when your loan is due to expire.

We realise it can be arduous to manually review when loans are due to expire. We’re introducing 30-day reminders before the loan expires to provide ample time to discuss loan completion or future financing options if required


December 2022

NEW - Transaction Bible

We are pleased to announce a new feature that will simplify compliance and sourcing of details around a matter for audit or legal disputes. You can now download an audit trail of a matter that captures every change that occurs to the conditions on the matter. This will give you a complete record of all the updates and modifications made to your conditions.

At the click of a button, you can have greater visibility and transparency into the changes made to your matters. You can also use this audit trail as a reference for compliance and auditing purposes.

To download the audit trail, simply navigate to the matter you are interested in, click the Reports button in the Conditions tab and click on the "Download Transaction Bible" button. The audit trail will be instantly downloaded to your device in a  CSV file.

Download Transaction Bible


IMPROVEMENT - Increased file size for file uploads

You've asked and we've listened, we have increased the file size allowed for all uploads so you can focus on collaboration on original documents.


We value feedback. If you would like to make a feature request or provide feedback, we would love to hear from you. Click here to learn how to make a feature request.